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Documents on the Expulsion
of the Sudeten Germans

Survivors speak out.

Original: self-published by the Study Group for the Preservation of Sudeten German Interests, 1951
Edited and with an introduction by Dr. Wilhelm Turnwald.
Translated by Gerda Johannsen, Victor Diodon and Arnim Johannis.
Translation in part © 2002-2023 by The Scriptorium and in part © 1951 by the Study Group for the Preservation of Sudeten German Interests; see here and the individual reports for specifics.
Small location maps for each report were added by The Scriptorium; click them for a more detailed map.

Ancestral German soil in Europe's East!
To those whose final resting place it became,
and to those who in their hearts still call it their own,
this publication is humbly dedicated.

Table of Contents

After the war ended in 1945, one of the most gruesome genocides took place that the history of mankind has ever seen: the expulsion and destruction of the Sudeten Germans. The German government has kept knowledge of this Holocaust and the huge files of documentary evidence a secret, in other words, this chapter of history is supposed to remain tucked away in the hindmost corners of the Federal German archives, there to gather dust and be forgotten. Its publication is not desired.

The poor souls who were tortured to a gruesome death can no longer tell their story - but the survivors can. Driven into a truncated Germany of rubble and ruins, where the people had enough to do to get their own lives back under control, the Sudeten Germans soon gave up trying to tell of their suffering; they buried the knowledge deep within themselves - but nevertheless their story has not been lost, as it was summarized (at least in part) in a book titled Dokumente zur Austreibung der Sudetendeutschen - Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans - and it is our moral duty to those who were tormented to death, to tell the world about this death march of a people - now that the Internet has made such a publication possible.

Hushing-up these events has resulted in the fact that many members of even their own ethnic group do not know the truth about the expulsion, much less the younger generation of the nation that expelled them. On the contrary, misinformation from sources with vested interests has left the younger Czech generations with the mistaken belief that they were made to suffer injustices and thus have a claim to restitution. They feel that the Benes Decrees and the expulsion were warranted. It's hard so see, however, how this can be justified in light of Czechoslovakia's admission to the European Union. The German government, instead of backing its own people, is on the side of the perpetrators' nation and supports its demands. In times of economic hardship even the expellees themselves send "care parcels" to those people whose parents and grandparents robbed them of their home and all they had. Just one case in point is the extensive aid that was sent when the "flood of the century" wrought havoc in parts of Czechoslovakia because the expellers had neglected maintenance on the Oder River. The expellees have ever dispensed with revenge and are satisfied if they can just pay the occasional visit to their old homeland and the present "owners" of what had been their and their forefathers' own possessions.

An ethnic group that has been psychologically browbeaten into cultural illness for half a century is beginning to beg the murderers of its ethnic siblings for forgiveness. For what, may we ask? Perhaps for the things you will read about here? Think about it.

Everyone has a right to one's homeland, and every people has the right to honor its dead - except for the Sudeten Germans, who evidently have neither.

July 2002

Table of Contents

Regarding the Translations of these Reports
Concerning these Reports

Major cities and towns:

1. The explosion on July 30, 1945 - A. U.
2. Eyewitness account of the blood bath of July 30, 1945 -
Therese Mager
3. Massacre - Herbert Schernstein
4. Ill-treatment and murder of German workmen - Max Becher
5. The robbing of a blind man - Franz Habelt
6. Transport of the blind - Martha Rauscher
7. Concentration camps Lerchenfeld and Schöbritz -
Heinrich Michel

8. Death march to Pohrlitz - M. v. W.
9. Death march and concentration camp:
an old woman's account
- M. K.
10. Death march from Brünn to Pohrlitz - Ed. Kroboth
11. Kaunitz College - Katharina Ochs
12. Kaunitz College - Josef Brandejsky
13. Internment camp Klaidovka - Martha Wölfel
14. Severe maltreatment of German soldiers
returning from Russian captivity
- Emil Hulla
15. Luggage allowances for the Brünn transport -
Franz Exler
16. The Kleidovka camp: report about the trial of Jan Kouril
before the jury court of Karlsruhe

17. Camp at Maltheuern - Dr. med. Carl Grimm
18. Father and brother were murdered - Anni Wagner

19. Coal pit Lignit-Mylovar, maltreatment - Karl Stelzig
20. Maltreatment, rape, murder - A.R.

21. Robbed in June 1945 - Bruno Hofmann
22. Fatal maltreatment of an old man - Adolf Vogel
23. Resettlement - Anton Nitsche

24. Shooting of women in May and June 1945 - Else Köchel
25. Reign of terror - Franz Kaupil
26. Maltreatment, withholding of personal belongings, father
was murdered
- Robert Pupeter
27. State of the luggage in the Iglau camp - Alfred Chlad

28. Concentration camp Jägerndorf, severe
maltreatment of a 71-year-old man
- Josef Kramlovsky
29. Abuse during transport and in the camp - Johann Korsitzke
30. Attempted rapes - Erika Kunisch
31. Burgberg concentration camp,
maltreatment resulting in death
- Olga Arnt
32. Cases of severe maltreatment in the court prison -
Otto Langer, veterinarian

33. Arbitrary arrest - F. Danzer
34. Severe abuse in the camp - Josef Mörtl
35. Karlsbad Court prison, Neurohlau - Hedwig Nao
36. Severe harassment by an administrator - Wilhelm Meindl
37. Abuse of a 65-year-old woman by Czech youths
in the street
- Leopoldine Schneider
38. Severe abuse of a police constable - Alfred Müller
38a. Karlsbad, execution of the sexton - Marie Scherzer
39. Karlsbad-Lenitz, severe abuse on the grounds
of a false accusation on July 4, 1945
- Anton Riedl

40. Kladno concentration camp, the march to the border,
and rapes
- engineer Eugen Scholz
41. Persecution of the Germans from the Protectorate -
Erika Griessmann

42. The concentration camp - Ottokar Kremen

43. The Massacre on May 17, 1945 - Julius Friedel

Mährisch Ostrau [Moravian Ostrau]
44. Arrest, expulsion, death march - Rudolf Schneider
45. Inhuman brutalities in the
Hanke concentration camp in 1945
- Ernst Schorz
46. The Hanke concentration camp - Alfred Kutschker
47. Severe ill-treatment and murder of prisoners of war -
Heinz Lapczyna

Mährisch Schönberg [Moravian Schönberg]
48. Severe maltreatment in the prison of Moravian Schönberg,
February-March 1946
- Hans Wisur
49. Elderly people maltreated while withdrawing savings
at City Hall
- Moritz Hilscher

50. Concentration camp Hodolein: maltreatment, robbery - K. S.
51. Camp Hodolein: Cases of maltreatment and murders - K. S.
52. Camp Hodolein: Shooting of elderly people - Hermine Pytlik
53. The concentration camp, maltreatment - Dr. Hein
54. Camp Hodolein: Withholding mail from England -
Walburga Lindenthal
55. Concentration camps Olmütz and Stefanau,
harassment of elderly people
- Hermann Komarek
56. The Hodolein camp, maltreatment - Kurt Domes, engineer

57. Experiences in the district prison of Pilsen -
Oskar Gellrich, Franz Reich
58. Convict prison at Bory, May 1945 to March 1946 -
Karl Oberdörfer
59. A German family's account - Maria Schöber
60. Severe abuse, death, dysentery, typhus, dropsy -
Franz Pilfusek

61. Events in May and June 1945 - K.F., physicist
62. Prague-Theresienstadt, maltreatment of old women -
Anna Seidel
63. Inhuman atrocities in Prague - Marianne Klaus
64. The fate of German women in 1945 - Helene Bugner
65. The ordeal of an inventor - Johann Schöniger
66. Blood bath in the Scharnhorst School
concentration camp
- Hildegard Hurtinger
67. Inhuman atrocities - Alfred Gebauer
68. Prague-Wokowitz, penal camp Kladno - Ing. Franz Rösch
69. Concentration camp Prosetschnitz - Dr. Pohlner
70. The camp at Rusin, the march to Dresden - Hans Freund
71. My experiences in Czechoslovakia, 1945-46 - W. L.
72. The Motol camp - Schreiber
73. Execution of 18 prisoners of war on August 9, 1945 -
Eduard Flach, lieutenant colonel (ret'd.)
74. Prague-Raudnitz - A.W.
75. Prague, 1945-1947 - Dr. Hans Wagner, M.D.
76. Pankratz, mass graves, mutilations - Sebastian Herr
77. The transport of Modrany - border superintendent
of Wiesau

78. Report about the events of 1945-46 - Emil Breuer
79. Massacre on Tuch Square, May 3, 1945 - T. M.
80. Expulsion of Reich Germans on May 30, 1945 -
Heinrich Ackerhans and 8 other Germans from the Reich
81. Treatment of sick people - Justine Pilz
82. Imprisoned one year for no reason - Franz Fiedler
83. Maltreatment of women - Marianne Chytil
84. Treatment of Jews - Dr. Rudolf Fernegg

85. Czech reign of terror - Dr. jur. Franz Freyer, district judge

86. Woman brutally abused - Julia Käthe Tseng
87. Maltreatment in prison - A. B.
88. Deportees robbed on June 1, 1945 - Walter Weichert
89. Mental patient murdered - Theresia Wiegand
90. A typical woman's fate - Käte Leitenberger

91. Internment camp "Little Fortress" - Dr. E. Siegel, M.D.
92. Severe abuse in the camp - Hans Strobl
93. A prisoner's eyewitness account - Eduard Fritsch

94. Severe maltreatment of a woman in 1945 - Elfriede Hanke
95. Collection camp, torture of a sick man in autumn 1945 -
V. Skolaut
96. Cases of severe maltreatment in the camp - Emma Bittner
97. Severe maltreatment in the camp - Rundt
98. Woman fatally injured on or about November 20,1945 -
Alois Leckl
99. Abuse and rape - M. T.
100. Confiscation of a family tomb - Wilhelm Loy
101. Eye injury as result of abuse - Dr. Karl Prokop
102. Concentration camp Schimrowitz, woman maltreated
after giving birth
- Maria Weißhuhn

Smaller towns, in alphabetical order:

103. Severe maltreatment in the course of house searches -
Adolf Lux

Althart near Slabings
104. Slave labor, inspection of personal belongings -
Reinhold Meiniger

105. Sick old woman robbed - Anna Drösler

106. Maltreatment of a farmer's family - Emilie Reinhold

107. Tormenting of an invalid - Anton Stockner

108. 72-year-old man harassed - Albert Geppert

Arnau/Sudeten Mountains
109. Murder of a husband and wife - Marie Rumler

Arnsdorf near Hennersdorf
110. Confession extorted by means of maltreatment - Karl Ehrlich

111. Maltreatment for the purpose of intimidation - Anna Koch

112. Abuse of Germans in May 1945 - Anton Woeschka

Auschine-Raudnai, District Aussig
113. Blind woman robbed - Marie Schlechte

114. Juveniles in the coal mines - Rudolf Koppe

Bautsch, Northern Moravia
115. After release from Russian imprisonment,
internment in the Czech camp Gurein
- Erich Granzer

116. Concentration camps Hodolein and Stefanau:
severe harassment of old people
- Valerie Klos
117. Girl severely maltreated by employer - Hildegard Maschke
118. Abuse in the coal pits of Ostrau - Johann Januschke
119. Abuse in the camp's cold store room - Erwin Plisch

120. Murder of German soldiers - Franz Tengler

Bergesgrün, District Brüx
121. Murder of women and children, amputee killed
with his own crutches
- Eduard Kaltofen

122. Harassment of a farmer's family - Anna Schneider

123. Invalids shot during the expulsion - Anton Watzke

124. Concentration camp Taus: Robbery and maltreatment -
Robert Hartl
125. Concentration camp Taus: 35 Germans
vanished without a trace
- Maria Büchse
126. Massacre of 35 Sudeten Germans on July 11th, 1945 -
Ludwig Schötterl

127. Maltreatment of Germans - Alois Meißer

128. Farmer's wife abused - Amalie Gödrich

129. Beatings, women and girls raped - N. N.

Böhmisch Kamnitz [Bohemian Kamnitz]
130. Maltreatment and killing of prisoners of war -
Rudolf Schütz
131. Prison at Böhmisch-Kamnitz and concentration camp
Rabenstein, mistreatment and murder
- Albin Mübisch

Böhmisch Krummau [Bohemian Krummau]
132. Looting - Klara Kretschmer
133. Concentration camp Welleschin, maltreatment -
Hedwig Feyerer
134. Expulsion, looting, conditions of hygiene - Franz Janovsky

Böhmisch Leipa [Bohemian Leipa]
135. The concentration camp - F. Fiedler

Böhmisch Meseritsch [Bohemian Meseritsch]
136. Maltreatment during slave labor - Adolf Mader

Böhmisch Trübau [Bohemian Trübau]
137. Railroad camp - Karl Schilling

138. Maltreatment and robbery in May 1945 - Josef Lausch

139. Groundless arrest of all the men in a village -
Wenzel Parth, sacristan

Brunnersdorf near Kaaden
140. Shootings and maltreatment - Wenzel Parth, sacristan

141. Looting, maltreatment - Franz Langer

142. Severe abuse - Adolf Aust

Butschafka near Jägerndorf
143. Harassment of a farmer's family - Marie Breier
144. The Pardubitz-Königgrätz concentration camp,
looting of luggage
- Heinrich Furch
145. Maltreatment - Hilda Breier

Chodau near Karlsbad
146. Husband murdered - Fanny Karner
147. Baggage inspection and looting in May 1946 - Marie Weiß
148. Baggage inspection and looting - Josef Zillich
149. Baggage inspection - Emilie Dotzauer
150. Severe maltreatment - Karl Kempf

Chrastawitz near Taus
151. 35 SA-men murdered on July 11, 1945 - Eduard Polz

Chrostau camp, District Zwitau
152. Maltreatment of young people - Herbert Heinz

153. Murder of German forestry commissioners - Herrmann
Hübner, forestry official

Deutsch-Beneschau near Kaplitz
154. 71-year-old man abused - Johann Schmoz
155. Maltreatment in the Women's Camp - M. Swoboda-Frantzen

156. Severe maltreatment - Josef Schneider

Deutsch-Lodenitz, District Sternberg
157. Farmer maltreated on September 16, 1945 - Richard Sirsch

Dittersdorf, District Bärn
158. Freudenthal, maltreatment, expulsion with
insufficient luggage allowance
- Max Schindler
159. Looting of the parsonage and church, shootings
and maltreatment
- Rev. Johann Hofmann

160. Ill-treatment of a former concentration camp
- Franz Wagner

161. Women body-searched - Elisabeth Lomitschka

162. Looting - Karl Ullsperger

163. Severe maltreatment and torture - Johann Rösner

Duppau near Kaaden
164. Shootings and murders - Eduard Grimm
165. Severe abuse of a woman, deportation into the coal mines -
Friedrich Liebner
166. Severe maltreatment in the course of house searches -
Alois Zörkler

167. Treatment of Jews: excluded from
the family business
- Dr. Rudolf Fernegg

168. Maltreatment of an invalid - Alois Sperl

169. Ill-treatment of a little boy - Klara Obermaier

170. Cases of severe maltreatment - Franz Weinhard
171. Fortress Elbogen, treatment in Czech prisons
on April 11, 1946
- Heinrich Meier
172. Concentration camp (Neurohlau, Kladno), maltreatment -
Karl Haberzettel
173. Concentration camp, maltreatment - Karl Jessel

Ernstbrunn near Böhmisch Krummau
174. Looting and abuse - Rudolf Baier

175. Robbery and theft - Adalbert Sturm

176. Luggage inspection - Raimund v. Wolf

Frankstadt near Mährisch Schönberg
177. Maltreatment in Frankstadt and during labor in the mines
in June 1945
- Rudolf Dobias
178. Conditions in the prisoner-of-war camp Frankstadt -
Adolf Hauk

179. Unlawful confiscation - Ida Fröhlich
180. The ordeal of an artist - G. M.
181. Severe abuse during farm labor - Else Müller
182. District Freiwaldau, the Jauernig and Adelsdorf camps -
Alfred Latzel
183. District Freiwaldau, the Thomasdorf and Adelsdorf camps,
murders and abuse
- Karl Schneider
184. District Freiwaldau, the Thomasdorf camp,
description of the camp
- Karl Froning

185. Report on events at Freudenthal in 1945 - Dr. Carl Gregor
186. Executions in the Freudenthal camp in 1945 - Johann Partsch

187. Treatment of Jews: Prevented from recovering
own law office - Dr. Rudolf Fernegg

Friedrichswald near Gablonz
188. Arrest, concentration camp, farm labor - Franz Simon

Gießhübl-Sauerbrunn near Karlsbad
189. Expropriation, robbery - Maria Pichl

190. Luggage inspection - Margarete Poppa

Groß-Hermersdorf, District Neutitschein
191. Maltreatment, abduction into coal pits - Hugo Ehler

192. Murder of a 13-year-old schoolboy - Franz Josef Hille
and Emilie Hille

193. 70-year-old woman maltreated - Marie Adler

194. Severe maltreatment and shootings of Germans - Alfred Schubert

195. Murders in May 1945 - F. Fiedler

Haindorf, District Friedland
196. Murder of two young girls at Easter 1946 - Ernst Jesensky

Hakelsdorf near Hohenelbe
197. Daughter was raped - Anna Stanek

Hals near Tachau
198. Maltreatment on the grounds of false information -
Dr. Hampel

199. Maltreatment in the Hannsdorf concentration camp -
Emil Tegel

Heinzendorf near Olbersdorf
200. Barbarous treatment of an old man - Marie Menzel

Hennersdorf, District Jägerndorf
201. Rapes, extortion of false confessions - Rudolf Knauer

202. Shooting of a German girl - J. Schöppel

203. Looting, maltreatment - Franz Kreissl

204. The Kuttenplan camp, expulsion from own farm -
Engelbert Watzka

205. Rescue of a German soldier by the commandant
of a camp in 1945
- Erwin Rebel

206. Sudeten Germans arrested by Czech gendarmes
in Austria
- Johann Staudinger
207. Arrested for no reason at all - Dr. Josef März
208. Arrested for no reason, sent to deportation camp,
luggage for deportation denied
- Karl Leuchtenmüller

209. Treatment of prisoners in May 1945 - Robert Zürchauer

210. Luggage inspection - Franz Stadtherr

Jauernig and Wichstadtl, District Grulich
211. Maltreatment, murders - Elisabeth Böse
212. Torture in the camp - Heinz Girsig
213. Concentration camp Jauernig, maltreatment - Alfred Lorenz

214. Maltreatment of free laborers - Johann Seidler

215. Luggage inspection - Anna Nitschek

216. Detainment of German skilled workers - Dr. Julius Geppert

217. Maltreatment of a pregnant woman - Ida Tauber

Karlsstadt near Hermannstadt
218. Maltreatment of an old woman - Anna Czasch

219. Report on the convict camp - Franz Lehmann

220. Forced labor in the coal mines - Dr. Paul Schmolik
221. Labor in the mines, abuse - cert. engineer Brancik

222. Deportation camp - Ferdinand Bruxdorfer
223. "Correction-cell" at the prison - Rudolf Payer
224. Prisoner-of-war camp, maltreatment and murders -
Franz Neumayer

Klein-Herrlitz, District Freudenthal
225. Shooting of a German farmer's wife
on September 1st, 1945
- Martha Kral

Kleinbocken, Böhmisch Leipa
226. Looting, murder, rape - Franz Limpächer

227. Maltreatment of war-disabled ex-servicemen -
Rudolf Klamert

Klösterle, Kaaden
228. Maltreatment of young people - Josef Jugl, forestry official

Kohling-Schindelwald, Schönlind
229. Maltreatment, executions - Karl Sandner

Kojetitz near Prag
230. Slave labor on farm - Erna Zicha

231. Labor camp Kolin, maltreatment - Ernst Hahn
232. Internment camp, maltreatment - Anton Kragl

Komoschau near Prag
233. Inhuman brutality of a Czech farmer in February 1946 -
Antonia Stanek

234. Maltreatment and murder in 1945 - Julius Herrmann

235. Iron-works at Königshof, labour groups - engineer Ernst Deinl

236. Severe maltreatment of a Social Democrat
by the gendarmerie
- Richard Stanke

237. Rapes - M. S.

Kunzendorf near Mährisch Trübau
238. Administrator Matonoha of Boskowitz, looting - Josef Zeche

Kurim near Brünn
239. Prisoner-of-war camp - Dr. Kurt Zamsch
240. Camp, report of the camp physician - Dr. Alfred Schenk

241. Murder of a war invalid - Aloisia Ille

242. Woman maltreated - Herta Kaiser

Libochowan, District Leitmeritz
243. 75-year-old man abused, July 12, 1945 - Josef, Adele and
Elfriede Pomps

Liebenau near Reichenberg
244. Execution threatened, handed over to the Russians -
Oskar Tiel

Liebesdorf near Oberhaid
245. German shot at on the street - Grüner

Liebeznice near Prag
246. Murder of 318 German soldiers on May 9, 1945 -
Ludwig Breyer

Littau near Iglau
247. Maltreatment in the camp - Franz Mauder

Lyssa near Prague
248. Women severely maltreated - Hermine Henkel

Mährisch Rothwasser [Moravian Rothwasser]
249. Maltreatment - Oskar Minarsch

Mährisch Trübau [Moravian Trübau]
250. Maltreatment in the internment camp - Franz Wolf

Malschin near Kaplitz
251. Presbytery broken into - Johann Hutter

Maschau, District Podersam
252. 4 family members murdered - Rosa König

Meierhöfen near Karlsbad
253. Luggage inspection in deportation camp - Hans Feigl

254. German post-war prisoners put to work as farm laborers -
Elfriede Mattausch

Mies near Marienbad
255. Forced labor in Tschaslau, Knezice/East Bohemia,
Stoky (Stecken) near Havlickuv Brod 1945-1947
Dr. Wilhelm Weschta
256. Shootings in the camp - Helmut Kommer
257. Starvation-related typhus at Bory - Irmgard Görner
258. Mies and Horni Pocernice: Denial of medical assistance
to a child
- Margarethe Singhartl
259. Internment camp, luggage inspection in
deportation camp Mies
- Heinrich Hornung

260. Prague - Karls Square, luggage allowance
for the Modrany transport, abuse
- engineer A. Lendl

Motol near Prag, Mährisch Neustadt
261. Maltreatment, inadequate luggage allowance for
- Alois Zwatschek

Mühlbach near Eger
262. House searches - Alois Mannl

263. Cases of ill-treatment - Otto Skrbeck

264. Severe abuse of a man with a heart condition - Anna Grimm

Neuhof / Pinke, District Sternberg
265. Maltreatment - Eduard Geitler

266. Maltreatment of invalids - parish priest Oskar F. K. Hahn
267. Cases of ill-treatment in the concentration camp
at Neurohlau
- Johann Schmelzer
268. Permanent physical disability as result of maltreatment -
Adolf Trägner
269. Maltreatment and death - Marie Georgi
270. Shooting of an old German man
in the Neurohlau camp, 1945/46
- Josef Heller

271. Expropriation of anti-Fascists - Josef Schramm,
retired public school director
272. Gross maltreatment and torture - Franz Bordirsky

Nieder-Mohrau, Olmütz
273. Abuse of young people - Johann Stanzl

Niemes, Grottau
274. Women severely abused - Elfriede Brockelt

275. Maltreatment, torture to extort a confession -
Johann Gerlinger
276. Severe maltreatment in the Nikolsburg concentration camp
for the purpose of extorting a confession
- M. Krebs

Ober-Lipka near Grulich
277. Dreadful atrocities, murder, maltreatment -
Johann Peschka, Dean

278. Harassment of German farmer by Czech administrator -
Max Pohl

279. Internment camp Oderfurt near Moravian, May 1945 -
Steffi Lejsek

280. Maltreatment in the prisoner-of-war camp - Josef Fuchs
281. Abuse, treatment of prisoners-of-war - Franz Bieberle

282. Treatment of Jews - Dr. Rudolf Fernegg

283. Conditions in the collection camp - Prof. Rudolf Pohl

Pickau near Jägerndorf
[367.] Expatriate German severely maltreated - Josef Schickling

284. A German woman's ordeal - Friedrich Sinzig

285. Maltreatment during inspection of identification papers,
February 15, 1946
- Ignaz Böhm

Podmoky, Caslau District
286. Mail withheld from agricultural slave laborers -
Franz Seidel

287. Slave labor, maltreatment, death - Ferdinand Münster

Polepp and Leitmeritz
288. Maltreatment - Franz Richter

Possigau [actually: Pössigkau] and Taus
289. Maltreatment of women in May 1945 - Anna Zitzmann

Pribrans, Prague
290. Maltreatment - engineer Dr. Kurt Schmidt

Qualisch near Trautenau
291. Treatment of Jews - Dr. Rudolf Fernegg

Radl near Gablonz
292. Husband was murdered; maltreatment,
May 1945 to November 1946
- Margarete Kaulfersch

Radonitz near Kaaden
293. Report on the events of May 1945 - Friedrich Merten

294. Abduction of an American citizen - Josef Horbas
295. Coal-pit, maltreatment, murders - Josef Langenickel

Reichenau near Moravian Trübau
296. Women severely maltreated - Franziska Hübl

Reinowitz, camp near Gablonz
297. Imprisonment in this camp, confiscation of money -
Alfred Porsche

Riegersdorf, District Tetschen
298. Report of an anti-Fascist,
Social Democratic representative
- Josef Willkomm

Riesengebirge (Sudeten Mountains)
299. Overview of murders 1945 - excerpts from the publication

Rokitnitz in the Adler Mountains
300. Maltreatment and murders - Director Pischel

301. Daughter raped by Czech officer on October 14, 1945 -
Ottokar Montag
302. Objections about the transport to First Lt. Lambert,
American border official for Furth im Walde
- Wank,
border commissar for the refugees from Furth im Walde

303. District Court Tachau - Pilsen 1945 - Franz Voit

Sankt Joachimsthal
304. Eyewitness account (the Kroupa case) of an execution -
Rudolf Berthold
305. House searches, brutal ill-treatment, public executions -
Otto Patek

306. Blinded in the camp - Josef Dörfl

307. Murder - Ottilie Smrtschka

Schlackenwerth, Karlsbad, Kaschlitz, Spickengrün
308. Maltreatment to extort statements - Josef Czech

309. The Reichenau concentration camp, maltreatment - A. Heinl

310. Looting during luggage inspection - Josefine Otto
311. Elbogen, Karlsbad, Neurohlau - Maltreatment -
Helmut Nordmann

Schönbach, District Deutsch-Gabel
312. Severe abuse of a German in September 1945 -
Antonia Honsek

Schönhengst mine
313. German miner murdered - Emma Prudl

314. Young people murdered, deportation camp, rape - N. N.

Schwarzental und Hohenelbe
315. Maltreatment - N. N.

316. Maltreatment of an apprentice boy - Karl Volkmar
317. Freiwaldau: severe maltreatment of young people -
Lothar Latzel
318. Freiwaldau: maltreatment prior to expulsion - Max Ehrlich

319. Maltreatment of agricultural laborers - Emma Latzel

320. Concentration camp Jauernig,
maltreatment during an interrogation
- Gustav Keller

321. Harassment by the Employment Office - Maria Kühnel

Stecken, camp near Iglau
322. Slave auction - Hermine Kunzer

323. Severe injuries inflicted - Karl Ottahal

324. Gross abuse of women, 1945 - Marie Mittmann
325. Severe maltreatment in the Sternberg-Olmütz camp -
engineer Rudolf Pauler
326. Woman abused - Marie Wilhelm
327. Maltreatment in the camp - Ludwig Englisch

Stimmersdorf, District Tetschen-Bodenbach
328. Inhumanity towards old women - Hugo Kleinpeter

Strakonitz and Brünn
329. Concentration camp Klaidovka:
Sadistic punishment of an invalid
- Johann Böhm

330. Robbery, maltreatment - Marie Kuhn
331. Maltreatment in prison - Ernst Mahl

332. Conditions in the expulsion camp Tachau, May 1945 -
Anton Fleißner
333. Negligent use of firearms, November 9, 1945 -
Franz Voit

334. Maltreatment in order to extort a confession -
Arthur Januschek

335. Concentration camp Tepl, maltreatment - Engelbert Haber
336. Severe maltreatment in the internment camp - Josef Mayer

337. Severe maltreatment - Max Griehsel
338. Maltreatment - engineer Karl Pleß

Totzau, District Kaaden
339. Maltreatment, murders - H. K. W.

340. Concentration camp, execution of 20-30 people
in June 1945
- N. N.

341. Concentration camp Tremosna,
maltreatment of sick Germans
- Dr. Brandl

Triebendorf, Moravian Trübau
342. Woman robbed - Erna Mildner

Tschachwitz, District Kaaden
343. Multiple murders of Sudeten Germans in June 1945 -
Josef Faßl

344. Two Germans hanged - Erna Peschke

Tschirm, District Troppau
345. Daughter murdered, June 17, 1945 - Franz Schreier

346. Death as result of maltreatment, Altrohlau - Emma Eigler

347. Death by starvation in Bory Prison, August 20, 1945 -
Eleonore Hochberger
348. Discharged soldiers forced into camp in autumn 1945 -
Franz Zitterbart

Udritsch, estate near Lubenz
349. Estate Udritsch near Lubenz, Luditz,
conditions along the linguistic border
- Max Hilscher

Unterparsching near Marienbad
350. Harassment of a farmer's family - M. Sch.

Vietseifen, community Thomasdorf
[359.] Concentration camp Weidsiefen, maltreatment - Hans Tautz

351. Attack on a village in the Bohemian Forest - B. Zeisel,
ex-locum tenens of Vollmau

Vorderheuraffel near Kaplitz
352. Maltreatment in the internment camp - Franz Moherndl

353. German war invalid murdered - Josef Sonnberger

354. Maltreatment - Emil Havlik

355. Maltreatment of a blind man - Otto Müller
356. Nachod, Blood bath in the prisoner-of-war camp,
June-July 1945
- Adam Ehrenhard

357. Maltreatment of an old woman - Josefine Titz
358. Pastoral activities curtailed: Jauernig, Adelsdorf,
- Dr. Adolf Schreiber

Weidsiefen [actually: Vietseifen], community Thomasdorf
359. Concentration camp Weidsiefen, maltreatment - Hans Tautz

360. List of persons executed - Ch. S.
361. Execution of 26 persons, June 28-29,1945 - N. N.

362. Gross maltreatment in May 1945 - Josef Größl

363. Treatment of a sick woman and victim
of political persecution in June 1945
- Emma Trägner

Witeschau near Hohenstadt
364. The murder of the German men of Witeschau -
Martha Kramer

Witkowitz and Auschwitz
365. Sudeten Germans shipped off to forced labor in Poland -
Rudolf Heinisch

366. Maltreatment - Anna Seichter

Zittau [actually: Pickau] near Jägerndorf
367. Expatriate German severely maltreated - Josef Schickling

368. Maltreatment during forced labor - Rudolf Kunert

369. Maltreatment in the prisoner-of-war camp - Franz Hausenbigl

Zwittau near Brüsau
370. Captivity, maltreatment - Ullrich Reinhold

1. Chapter 6 of Mémoire III of the Czech Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 ("The Problem of the Germans in Bohemia: the Fate of the Germans in the Czech Republic")
2. Map: Les Allemands de Bohême, supplement to the Mémoire III
3. Linguistic map of the Sudeten Germans; based on the official census of December 1, 1930
4. Letter from Jan Masaryk to research director Max Weinreich, dated May 5, 1942
5. Order of the Military Commandant of Bohemian Leipa, June 14, 1945
6. Food ration card for the Germans in Czechoslovakia, ration period from May 28 to June 24, 1945
7. Proclamation of the Národni výbor (National Committee) in Saaz from 1945
8. Letter from R. R. Stokes, October 1945, in the "Manchester Guardian", about the Czech concentration camps
9. Chapters VIII and IX of the Kosice [Kaschau] government program of April 5, 1945 (Program of the new Czech government, the Czech and Slovak National Front, passed in the First Council of State on April 5, 1945)
10. Decree of President Dr. Benes of May 19, 1945, Sb. No. 5 - concerning the invalidity of transactions involving property rights from the time of the oppression and concerning the national administration of property assets of Germans, Magyars, traitors and collaborators and of certain organizations and associations
11. Decree of President Dr. Benes of June 21, 1945, Sb. No. 12 - concerning the confiscation and early re-allotment of agricultural property of Germans, Magyars, as well as of traitors and enemies of the Czech and Slovak people
12. Decree of President Dr. Benes of June 19, 1945, Sb. No. 16 - concerning the punishment of Nazi criminals, traitors and their accomplices, and concerning the Special People's Courts
13. Decree of President Dr. Benes of August 2, 1945, Sb. No. 33 - concerning the right to Czechoslovak citizenship of persons of German and Magyar nationality
14. The instructions of the German (Hungarian) occupation forces according to which the nationality of Czechoslovak citizens of Czechoslovakia was regulated
15. Decree of President Dr. Benes of Ocober 25, 1945, Sb. No. 42 - concerning the confiscation of enemy property and the Funds of National Rengeneration
16. Estimate of the value of German national property within the Czechoslovak Republic
17. The Atlantic Charter
18. The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
19. Agreement of August 4, 1950, concluded between General Lev Prchala, representing the Czech National Committee in London, and the Joint Committee for the Protection of Sudeten German Interests in Munich, represented by Dr. Rudolph Lodgman, Mr. R. Reitzner and Mr. H. Schuetz

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