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translation by Gerda Johannsen.   zum deutschen Originalbericht
Appendix 7
Proclamation of the Národní výbor
(National Committee) in Saaz from 1945

Facsimile (click to enlarge) - 66k: Translation:
Proclamation of the Narodni vybor Proclamation.
      We hereby order that all individuals of female sex and also all children, of Czech and German nationality, irrespective of their age, will report to the former SS-barracks at Saaz, Trnovaner Strasse, immediately following publication of this proclamation.
      Individuals of German nationality will bring with them the following:
      1.) Luggage containing personal necessities for travel, maximum weight 25 kilos per head (55 pounds), including blankets and food.
      2.) Food for 3 days.
      3.) Identity cards, passports etc.
      4.) The keys of all apartments and houses, which are to be tied together and labelled, giving the exact address.
      5.) Valuables, currency, savings-bank deposit-books, bonds and jewellery, together with an exact list of the individual items.
      These arrangements will be carried out in order to obtain accurate statistics of persons of German nationality and their further distribution to places of work.
      Any concealment of the valuables mentioned above or non-observance of this order will be punished by the death sentence.
Národní Výbor (National Committee)

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