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translation by Gerda Johannsen.   zum deutschen Originalbericht
Appendix 14
The instructions of the German (Hungarian) occupation forces
according to which the nationality
of Czechoslovak citizens of Czechoslovakia was regulated

1. The treaty between Czechoslovakia and Germany of November 20th, 1938, No. 300, Compilation of Statutes and Enactments concerning the problems of nationality and option (the so-called Berlin Treaty).

2. The edict of March 16th, 1939, concerning the establishment of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia and the regulation of April 20th, 1939, RGBl. I, pg. 815, concerning the acquisition of citizenship by former Czechoslovak citizens of German nationality.

3. The regulation of July 6th, 1941, RGBl. I, pg. 308, deciding citizenship in connection with the Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia.

4. The regulation of March 4th, 1941, RGBl. I, pg. 118, concerning the German population statistics and the nationality in the Eastern territories annexed (valid for Czechs).

5. Regulation of October 3rd, 1939, RGBl. I, pg. 1997, concerning the recognition of citizenship of the Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia.

6. The treaty between the Czechoslovak Republic and Hungary of February 18th, 1939, No. 43, Compilation of Statutes and Enactments I-i 1939, concerning the problems of nationality and option.

7. Article VI/1939 of the law of June 23rd, 1939, concerning the annexation of Carpatho-Ukraine to the territories of Hungary.

See also:
a) RGBl. II 1939, page 895 (German-Czechoslovak treaty concerning problems of nationality and option);
b) RGBl. I 1938, page 1641 (Law concerning reunion of Sudeten German territories with Germany);
c) RGBl. I 1939, page 205 (Regulation concerning citizenship in Sudeten German territories).

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