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by Gerda Johannsen, Victor Diodon and Arnim Johannis.
Concerning these Reports

The following reports were collected in the years after 1945. The signatures of the authors are legally attested. In cases in which the full name of the author is not given, it has been withheld out of consideration for relatives still living in Czechoslovakia, or for friends to whom publication of their names might be dangerous. The same precautions have been taken with regard to the names of Czechs who are mentioned in the reports and who showed a humane attitude towards the Germans.

The reports published represent only a part of the material available. They are intended to serve first of all as typical examples of the events which took place in the course of the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans. It goes without saying that in view of the limited number of reports which could be published here, not all places and incidents have been covered.

The reports are numbered consecutively and grouped alphabetically into two sections. Reports 1 through 102 tell of events in the larger cities Aussig, Brünn, Brüx, Budweis, Gablonz, Iglau, Jägerndorf, Karlsbad, Kladno, Komotau, Landskron, Mährisch Ostrau, Mährisch Schönberg, Olmütz, Pilsen, Prague, Reichenberg, Saaz-Postelberg, Tepliz-Schönau, Theresienstadt and Troppau. From number 103 on, the reports are in alphabetical order by smaller towns.

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Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans
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