Translation credits

These documents posted here have been translated from the German original Dokumente zur Austreibung der Sudetendeutschen. Some of the reports were previously published in English translation by the Association for the Protection of Sudeten German Interests in the book Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans (University Press: Munich 1953). This translation by Gerda Johannsen was extremely abridged. We have supplemented the selection of reports translated by Ms. Johannsen by our own translations of those reports which were left out. To give credit where credit is due, each report is marked with an icon to indicate the translator of the report in question:

indicates reports translated by Gerda Johannsen, as published in the aforementioned volume (some very slight changes for the sake of "readability" have been made in a few cases);

indicates reports translated by Victor Diodon and/or Arnim Johannis for The Scriptorium. These translations are copyrighted by The Scriptorium and may not be reproduced without our express permission;

indicates reports translated in abridged form by Gerda Johannsen and completed as necessary by Victor Diodon and/or Arnim Johannis, OR reports translated by Gerda Johannsen with corrections being necessary, and corrected accordingly by Victor Diodon and/or Arnim Johannis;

Unmarked texts (e.g. the Foreword, Appendices) were either originally already in English, or were taken in their official English version from other sources.