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Warsaw Under German Rule.
German Reconstruction and Development in the District of Warsaw.

On behalf of the Governor of the District of Warsaw
Dr. Ludwig Fischer
and based on official documents
edited by
Dr. Friedrich Gollert,
Personal Consultant to the Chief of Administration, and Chief of the Office for Environmental Planning.
Translation of the original published by Burgverlag Krakau, © 1942.
Translation by Heather Clary-Smith © 2018-2020 by The Scriptorium.
All illustrations are from the original. Photos: Professor Heinrich Hoffmann, Reichsbildberichterstatter of the NSDAP., Photo-Bil, Warsaw. Amateur photographs are submissions from a photo contest held by the "Deutsche Kulturring Warschau e. V.". Distriktsbildstelle Warsaw (Reimitz).

Introduction: The Changing Face of Warsaw Since 1939
General Overview:
The Battle for Warsaw During the Polish Campaign
Marching Into Warsaw, and the Führer-Parade
Historical Retrospective on Warsaw's German Past

Spatial Overview of Warsaw District: Area, Population Density, Location, Economic Structure and Landscape


Administrative Reconstruction and Development in Warsaw District


The Situation in General when German Administration Took Over


Reconstruction of Government Administration in Warsaw District


Reconstruction and Development of Community Administration

4.  Development of the Municipal Administration of Warsaw
5.  The County Administrator
6.  Duties of the County and City Administrators
III.  Development of the Judicial System
1.  Introduction of German Legal Jurisdiction
2.  Polish Judicial Authority
IV.  The Ethnic Groups in the District of Warsaw
1.  Treatment of the Ethnic Groups, Past and Present
2.  The Jews in the District of Warsaw

The Situation When the German Administration Took Over


The Necessity of Establishing Jewish Residential Quarters

c.  The Jewish Residential Quarter in the District of Warsaw
d.  The Lessons of Experience
V.  Economic Development in the District of Warsaw

The District as Commercial and Industrial Center of the General Government


Warsaw's Economic Relations With its Neighboring Regions and the Hanseatic Towns

3.  The Significance of the Vistula River for the Warsaw Basin
4.  The Administration of Jewish-Owned Real Estate
5.  Pricing Policy
VI.  Politics of Food Supply in the District of Warsaw
1.  General Problems of Food Supply
2.  Measures to Increase Agricultural Production
3.  Land Mangement and Water Economy
4.  Regulation of Marketing Practices, and Food Distribution
5.  Co-Operatives and the Credit System
VII.  Forestry and the Timber Industry
1.  General Overview of the Forestry Situation
a.  Location, Climate and Soil

Condition of the Woodlands On Assumption Into German Care

c.  The Situation Regarding Wild Game

Reconstruction and Development of Forestry and the Timber Industry

a.  Administrative Structure
b.  The Logging Industry
c.  Forestry
d.  Wild Game

Future Responsibilities of the German Forestry Commission

VIII.  The Labor Force
IX.  Housing and Settlement Programs
X.  Health Care Services
XI.  The School System

Suppression of the German School System by the Republic of Poland


Reconstruction of the German School System in Warsaw District

3.  The Polish and the Minority School Systems
XII.  Personnel Care and the Organization of Leisure Time
XIII.  German Cultural Life in Warsaw
1.  The Work of German Propaganda
2.  German Theater in Warsaw
XIV.  The Work of the National Socialist Party

Postscriptum: The General Government Bridge to the New East

The Leading Men of Warsaw District since 1939

Warsaw Under German Rule
German Reconstruction and Development in the District of Warsaw