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Was Hitler really a Dictator?
by Friedrich Christian Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Part 7 - Slander: psychological genocide!

In this particular context, the problem of "the extermination of Jews in concentration camps" is the most devastating in every respect, and for everyone involved - regardless of which side they took or take.

During my imprisonment right after the war, I was thrown together with many men who had been interned in the various major German concentration camps in the course of the last years of the war. I got them to tell me as much about it as possible. In fact, not one of them was ever able to confirm that even a single person had ever been gassed in any of the concentration camps of that time. That the bodies of victims of the epidemics which had broken out near the end were burned because they could not be buried, and that this practice still continued even after the Allied Occupation Forces had taken control - that was a self-evident necessity for reasons of hygiene alone. Near the end of the war, not even the greatest and most heroic efforts sufficed to provide medication, rations, etc. - In the meantime it has long been proven that in the camp of Dachau, for example, there were never any facilities for the gassing of human beings.

Official statistics show that a maximum of 3.7% of the total number of Jews - that is, the total of all nations - were missing at the time in question. Jews emigrated not only from Germany, but from the Balkans, France, Greece and Italy as well.

During the war, when the Americans landed in Casablanca, 5,000 Jews from the city of Marrakech alone left Morocco. Why should a great many more Jews not also have fled from the much larger cities in Morocco - such as Casablanca, Rabat, Tangiers, etc. - just as from the other Arab countries?

How many Jews were clever enough not to register as Jews per se in the countries where they settled, eg. in Czechoslovakia, in Poland, Hungary, Rumania, etc.? And the number of Jews that disappeared or "went underground" in the Soviet Union is given as exceeding the one million mark.

Why does it upset today's opinion-makers so badly when it turns out that not eight million, but barely half-a-million Jews are missing for the time period in question? Shouldn't it be reason to rejoice that fewer are missing? Even the number of Jews who were able to flee to the United States via neutral countries during and after the war, both from Germany and from German-occupied areas, must have been great, for there were many more Jews in the United States after the war than there had been before.

Of course it is horrible when people are killed. But if one counts one group, one must also count the others. It won't to do accuse Germany because she lost the war and can barely even defend herself, while hushing up almost everything that the other side ought to account for!

Why is it possible the world over to spend decades talking with impunity about six million allegedly gassed Jews - while at the same time the world public never hears a word about what was done to our already helpless Germany in the last days of the war, and later, after conclusion of the armistice? Why does the world still not know how many tens of thousands of German SS-soldiers were shot for the sole reason that they had their blood group tattooed beneath their arm (so that in case of injury they could be given the proper blood transfusion without delay)?

Why is it hushed up to this day what an inconceivably horrible blood-bath the British and American bomber planes visited on the hospital city of Dresden, exactly at the time when the great numbers of fleeing Silesian refugees were passing through that already overcrowded city? Hundreds of thousands of poor civilians who had never fired a single shot were murdered in cold blood in Dresden.

Why is the world kept in the dark about the dreadful death suffered by the Germans in Prague, where German soldiers were strung up along the streets and set on fire like torches, where tens of thousands, mostly barefoot, were spat on and beaten and hunted across stretches of broken glass? Why are there never any reports about what American Negro soldiers in Aschaffenburg did to the 300 German girls who were stationed there as army news service assistants?

Why have there been decades of nothing but silence about the countless and, as a rule, particularly brutal tortures which thousands of German soldiers, officers and even civilians were subjected to - after the war! - by the Allied Occupation Forces? This is something that comes to my mind frequently nowadays, whenever I read the outraged reports in today's Federal German press about torture allegedly taking place in Chile, Spain or Greece - as though like things never happened in the so-called "democratic" nations of the Western world!

Why was it possible, just recently, for the Pope to speak of "a criminal Germany of the past" when at the same time he has spent almost a decade now, passively watching his Church wage civil war against the Protestants in Northern Ireland - a very criminal war indeed, ever expanding in scope and now spreading even to the British island?

Were the wars in Korea and Vietnam not a great deal more brutal than the battles fought by the Germans in the Second World War?

Vilification is only ever aimed at the Germans, and almost always by exactly the same circles. For the biggest business on earth has always been war! Not for the warring parties, but for those that supply the arms - and the most evil weapon has ever been slander.

The German Reich not only did not want war, it staked everything for a lasting peace. The war was forced on it. And exactly those same circles that managed to do so, have ensured that the war never ends. The global campaign of vilification is nothing other than part of the state of war that still persists, and that is why the German government cannot simply defend itself against it. Many very weighty and decisive treaties, particularly the "Treaty of Germany", render the Federal Republic of Germany dependent on the victorious powers. Beyond that, she has also entered voluntarily into obligations she could only meet as a sovereign state. But Germany can only have either its present state of dependence, or sovereign status. Trying to function under both at the same time is a fatal combination.

A confident and self-confident German people would give their government the backing it needs in order to take the appropriate and long-overdue steps for becoming more than just a follower of orders given by the USA, and for obtaining a peace treaty at long last. Dependents, on the other hand, can never negotiate freely.

However, the prerequisite for the necessary yet sorely lacking self-confidence of our people - in the East as well as in the West - is the absolute truth about the people's past, their fate, their "self". And regardless how bitter, how awful this truth were, it would in any case be a fate, a destiny for us, inconceivable perhaps but nevertheless a progression in the clearly perceptible natural order of this world.

Unfortunately, for as long as the majority of the Germans bury their heads in the sand for the sake of perpetuating their own creature comforts, our path will continue to spiral steadily downwards, especially in spiritual terms, and ultimately that means complete destruction. These people have already sunk so low that they are prepared to relinquish their right to the truth about themselves, and thus thoughtlessly choose those who spread the least unpleasant lies and whitewash.

A nation that lets itself be trained to take an interest in nothing beyond its television programme will one day also readily give up any and all social interaction, its statehood as a whole, the once great regard accorded to it by the world, and ultimately even its future generations. We do not need to look to politics for proof of this; the evidence stares us in the face even in everyday life:

a) a people known especially in the 1930s for their cleanliness in every sense of that term have turned into a shockingly dirty "consumer society". The percentage of young people who never brush their teeth and of those who never even take a bath has already exceeded 12%;

b) syphilis, almost eradicated during the 1930s, is again so widespread that it poses a threat to the people's very existence;

c) the number of violent crimes is steadily on the increase; within the framework of internationally organized terrorist conspiracies, acts of terrorism are able nowadays to blackmail entire nations and their people and to force them to their knees within a very few days, for example by means of the complete cut-off of water or electricity or through bacterial warfare.

It is certainly possible to simultaneously impose a regime of programmatic anarchy on the key nations of Europe within the space of two or three days. Even a large-scale attempt at any such thing would result in utter chaos. Every politically conscious person in western Europe as well as the United States, and especially in the Soviet Union, is fully aware of this.

Many foreigners still place their hopes in the German people - but they are deluding themselves, for the nation of the 1930s, the nation of brave endurance in wartime, is long gone. Its self-confidence had been destroyed, and with it its spiritual strength. That self-confidence that was able to weather world wars and could even muster up the strength afterwards to bring about the "Economic Miracle" - that self-confidence has been eroded by the treacherous, downright satanic campaign of calumny waged against it by its real enemies, who never yet wore a uniform in honour. Along with the truth, honour died as well, and along with honour, so did the love that once informed this nation.

Of course there are a few million Germans left who know what is at stake - but they, too, largely lack the necessary strength. The lie is too crafty, too all-encompassing, and simply incomprehensible to the German mind. This is a fact which in itself should already speak eloquently for our people but which, I think, has never been considered.

That German people and German politicians have managed for thirty years to let themselves be blackmailed by foreign countries, much to the detriment of their own nation and state - blackmailed into paying out billions upon billions in "reparations", into giving away huge portions of the German nation without having even so much as a peace treaty - that has been possible only because the continuous and still increasing slander has instilled in them such a guilty conscience that they are willing to do anything and everything just to "atone", to "make reparations", without even having a clear and objective conception of what really happened.

Some few hundred Germans - "fanatics of justice", and true Socialists - for whom their own people have always been the essence of their striving, have not sat back idly, but tried despite all imaginable difficulties to ascertain the absolute truth. They have determined indisputable facts which in and of themselves already ought to suffice to instill a deep mistrust of the main of the other lies. These people know about the legions of false witnesses, about countless deceitful testimonies, innumerable instances of blackmail, great numbers of suicides, massive bribes, forgeries, perjuries, etc.

We know today that by far the majority of the allegations aimed at our people - in the context of two world wars, the Imperial, Weimar and Hitler days - are complete fabrications or at the very least gross exaggerations.

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Was Hitler Really a Dictator?