Illustrated Reports by Medico-Legal Experts

Murder victim of Bromberg, stabbed in the eye.

Unknown man of about 20 years of age,
belonging to a group of murders which took place
all over the suburb of Bromberg-Kleinbartelsee.

Aperture in orbital cavity, evidently caused by puncture.
The only illustration [Scriptorium notes: one of two] in this series
of records of puncture of the orbital cavity, as the photographic recording
of this injury is difficult to reproduce from a decomposed body.
The punctured injury to the eye as shown above and other punctures
of the orbital cavity are proved by the preservation of the injured parts
as Formalin preparations.

(Autopsy No. Br. 17 [OKW. H. S. In.])

The Polish Atrocities
Against the German Minority in Poland.

Edited and published by order of the Foreign Office
and based upon documentary evidence.
Compiled by Hans Schadewaldt.