Illustrated Reports by Medico-Legal Experts

Arthur Radler, of the Radler family murder case.

Radler, Arthur, 42 years, belonging to the Radler family murder case.

The bullet entered the body on the left at the cervix and left it
at the nape of the neck, also on the left. The victim lived for over 7 hours
after this non-fatal injury. His wife and [14]-year-old daughter
were forcibly prevented from rendering assistance to the wounded man.
Death was caused by a shot through the head.

Two sons, 17 and [19] years old, had been murdered previously.

(Autopsy No. Br. 46 [OKW. H. S. In.])

[cf. text page 50.]

The Polish Atrocities
Against the German Minority in Poland.

Edited and published by order of the Foreign Office
and based upon documentary evidence.
Compiled by Hans Schadewaldt.