Illustrated Reports by Medico-Legal Experts

Murder victim Otto Kutzer, 73 years old.

Kutzer, Otto, 73 years, member of Rector Kutzer's household.
Together with Kutzer, Otto, were murdered:
his son, the pastor, 46 years of age,
and also 5 German-born fugitives, aged from 14–74 years,
who had taken shelter in the rectory.

The hands of the 73-year-old man are bound behind his back.
The same crude way of binding was used on two other persons
belonging to the same group of murders.

Death was caused by bullet shot through thorax, severing cardiac arteries.
Independently of this, fractures of ribs caused by blunt instruments
were also ascertained; evidence of witnesses proved them to be
blows delivered with the butt of a rifle.

(Autopsy No. Br. 115 [OKW. H. S. In.])

The Polish Atrocities
Against the German Minority in Poland.

Edited and published by order of the Foreign Office
and based upon documentary evidence.
Compiled by Hans Schadewaldt.