Arson, Pillage and Devastation

Home devastated and looted by Polish soldiers.

After the search.
The home of Herr Symosek in Gnesen,
manager of the farmers' Co-operative Society,
which was devastated and plundered by 20 Polish soldiers.

Symosek was carried off together with his two daughters, Eva aged 19,
and Dora aged 16. The soldiers stole a large sum of money from the desk
and all of Symosek's suits, including clothes laid away for the winter.
The Iron Crosses (1st and 2nd class) and other of Symosek's war decorations
were thrown into large washbasins, the latter then being used by the soldiers
for relieving themselves.

The Polish Atrocities
Against the German Minority in Poland.

Edited and published by order of the Foreign Office
and based upon documentary evidence.
Compiled by Hans Schadewaldt.